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Kolonial.no is probably the largest online grocery store in Norway. They allow their customers to shop online and prepare the order for pickup or delivery directly to the door. The company's grocery store ranges from beverages and meat to seasonal dishes. BlueTree was introduced to Kolonial.no in the earlier days from another current good customer when the first warehouse was still in the plans. There was a need for the network to be designed and implemented in a robust and flexible way to meet the business needs and cope with the continuous expansion and demanding nature of this branch. The network had to be able to serve a variety of endpoints, from different providers, both wireless and wired at any time, and offer a seamless user experience. Since Kolonial.no lacked networking specialists / expertise, BlueTree was able to design and deliver an optimal and robust network infrastructure that provides reliability, flexibility and minimal downtime, while maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for Kolonial.no.

Since then and until today, our team has delivered the entire network infrastructure solution of the access and kernel layer storage as well as the WLAN and the edge network module consisting of security nodes. Kolonial.no has innovated production and expanded its product portfolio, ensuring a strong relationship with buyers, suppliers and partners with our help and the most appropriate network technology package that Cisco offers in this branch. BlueTrees NOC (Network Operations Center) handles the day-to-day operations of delivering multiple SLAs for critical services and with proactive monitoring tools. The dependency on network uptime is high as it directly affects production, therefore the network must be monitored 24/7 and not dependent on the WAN connections or external connection to the cloud. The internal traffic must be distributed evenly and the use of the links should be proportionally shared. Of course, the DevOPS and the Server team at Kolonial.no, who are very skilled and friendly, have an important role as well.

We have created good communication together and we build trust that makes daily operations faster, easier and seamless. An adopted partner thinks about the services that IT provides to proactively help the business think about enabling technology and delivering IT services that truly fit the needs of both the business and the customers. This is the key to an excellent customer relationship, and this is undoubtedly the mindset of this team and what we believe in.

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