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Network as a Service (NaaS)

Network as a Service (NaaS) from BlueTree, is a service that enables companies to use market-leading network equipment, packed with next-generation security solutions.

The service is subscription-based, which eliminates the need for customers to purchase or manage infrastructure or licenses for the network.

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What is Network as a Service (NaaS)?

NaaS enables companies to utilize the local area network (LAN) as a service.

LAN includes the wired and wireless infrastructure businesses need to connect their end devices (PCs, servers, printers, IP phones, cameras, etc.) as well as perimeter security (firewall), to connect the local area network to the Internet and protect it from external threats. The service may include the handling of Internet lines from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

NaaS is a complete subscription service where BlueTree takes over responsibility for the entire life cycle, from maintenance and security, to updates, troubleshooting and customer support - where all equipment and all licenses are included.

NaaS is a secure, fast and stable local network - at a fixed price per month, which is also flexible for scaling as the business grows. Customers have full access to the administration portal of their choice. The cloud service is provided by the BlueTrees Network Operations Center (NOC) which handles all aspects of the network

This service delivery is delivered according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 (information security) and ISO 9001: 2015 (quality).

Overview of NaaS benefits

  • Proactive operation: the equipment is maintained with the updates available from the manufacturer
  • Free support: for any events and troubleshooting in the network
  • Monitoring: of technical errors 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Hardware error replacement: is sent and replaced free of charge if needed
  • State of the art: delivery of both Enterprise and SD-WAN compatible devices for SD-WAN operation
  • Costs: becomes predictable and eliminates infrastructure investments (CAPEX)
  • BlueTree: award-winning and leading network service provider
  • Resource allocation optimization: IT personnel can focus on other tasks

Cost-effective for both SME and Enterprise businesses

A major advantage of NaaS is cost efficiency. NaaS is a subscription-based service, which does not require companies to purchase network devices, licenses, or perform lifecycle management. The customer also does not need technical personnel to handle and manage the network.

This enables companies that do not have standardized solutions or limited financial resources to upgrade their infrastructure, in a model that is focused on cost predictability.

NaaS has a major impact on the accounts in the form of companies moving capital costs (CAPEX) to operating costs (OPEX).

What type of equipment is included?

NaaS from BlueTree includes the market-leading products and security solutions at a reasonable price, for today and the time to come. The solution is adapted to the individual company, and satisfies requirements for information security management (ISO / IEC 27001:2013) and quality management (ISO 9001:2015).


Firewalls come in different versions with different performance and functionality. It is primarily VPN performance, content filtering functionality and integration of access points that distinguish the models. Firewalls come with the required license.

Access points

Access points are available in different versions with different performance and functionality. It is first and foremost performance and supported WLAN protocols / standards that differentiate the models. All offered access points have the necessary connection to PoE switches. Access points come with the necessary license.


Switches are delivered in different versions with different performance and functionality. It is first and foremost the number of network ports that distinguishes the models. Switches come with the necessary license.

Special operational needs to meet special requirements

Industry 4.0

Digitization does not only include companies with a need for traditional corporate networks. For companies with production networks (OT), the IT and OT networks are constantly growing together. An IT network is very much about transporting data through the cloud and protecting data, while in an OT network it is largely about maintaining production and at the same time protecting data. The equipment in these two different environments is different, where security systems for IT are not suitable for ensuring the security of the OT network.

Industrial network monitoring

BlueTree has a specially developed monitoring service for industrial companies. This is a service that establishes full visibility in industrial networks, so that threats are detected, process integrity is ensured, infrastructures can be built securely, as well as compliance with regulations and enforcement of security policies to control risks.

Through monitoring of industrial networks as a service, supplier references, hardware and versions, serial numbers, configuration of rack tracks, etc, are uncovered.

The monitoring solution identifies asset conditions, communication patterns and more. Information is displayed in different types of topography, tables and reports.

Monitoring takes place through real-time insight into the actual status of industrial processes, such as unexpected variable changes or controller modifications, so that implementing measures to maintain system integrity and production continuity can be performed.

This is useful for analyzing attacks and finding the data source, as well as documenting incident reports.

BlueTree develops its own solutions for monitoring of OT networks, such as UpStacked below. UpStacked allows customers to combine both IT and OT environments in the same dashboard.

Internal operations and third-party operating suppliers

The software solution can be delivered license-based to companies' internal NOC / SOC, and to other suppliers of IT and OT operating services. Whitelabeling is also possible for the software. Please contact us for more information.

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