Webinar Recordings

Here Bluetree share itsknowledge in the form of webinar recordings

Webinar Recordings

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For resources responsible of IT aspects in your business or for you who are just curious and want to learn. The content of the page is continuously updated.

What's up with Purple? (36:32)

Purple is an intelligent platform for providers of physical customer experiences, such as retailers, malls, etc. The platform transforms businesses from analog to data-driven, using guest WiFi and analytics. The insight enables companies to form an understanding of how visitors interact, move around, and experience the physical space around them. The data you get out is actionable and can be used to improve the visitor experience, increase revenue through advertising opportunities, and build customer personas.

What's up with Cisco Cyber Vision? (23:12)

Cyber Vision gives you a complete overview of your industrial control systems (ICS), including dynamic device management and real-time monitoring of process data. With Cyber Vision, OT security can be distributed on a large scale. It feeds your existing cyber security platforms with information about OT devices and incidents, so you can build a unified IT / OT threat management strategy.

What's up with SD-WAN? (09:46)

In many ways, SD-WAN can be seen as a software abstraction of MPLS technology that applies to wider range of scenarios. SD-WAN is an acronym for Software Defined Network (SDN) in a WAN. SD-WAN simplifies the administration and operation of a WAN by disconnecting the network hardware from the control mechanism.

What's up with Cisco Breach Defence? (18:59)

Cisco Breach Defense is the ultimate defense line of various but complementary security products. Without compromising on the day-to-day and operational, the solutions ensure a worry-free IT security everyday life. The Breach Defense solutions consist of Email Security (CES), AMP for endpoints, ThreatGrid, Duo, Stealthwatch and Umbrella.

What's up with Cisco DevNet? (12:40)

Cisco DevNet is Cisco's developer program for assisting developers and IT resources who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products. We show what DevNet is in practice, and how it has helped BlueTree create new revenue streams. Practical examples show you how to build your own services using Cisco platforms, applications and APIs.

What's up with Cisco Umbrella? (23:12)

Cisco Umbrella provides full visibility into Internet activities across all locations, devices, and users, blocking threats before they reach your network or endpoints. Learn how to quickly and easily set up Cisco Umbrella to protect businesses of all sizes. The recording includes a demo of Umbrella.