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Leading expertise in design / architecture, development, implementation, operation, optimization and management of infrastructures within networks, data centers, security, and Public Cloud.

The company's consultants are experts in their fields and the extra expertise capacity for the competence customers are missing.

BlueTree offers highly certified consultants with experience from large public and private projects from the Nordics and abroad.

A Power House of competencies

BlueTree's consultants contribute with specialist expertise for project teams in all phases of digital transformation and as specialists to operational organizations.

The company provides consulting services to all types of companies, whether public or private, where the company has a customer base in most verticals from health, industry, transport, banking and finance, defense and defense suppliers, energy, telecom, public administration, and more.

When the company's consultants are not engaged at their respective customers, time is used for skills enhancement in lab environments and by undertaking certifications. By hiring consultants from BlueTree, companies can be assured of deliveries from dedicated and technology-updated resources that deliver best practices.

Since the company's inception, BlueTree has been at the forefront when it comes to infrastructure consultancy deliveries, which is reflected in the consultants' broad project experience and high level of certifications.

BlueTree systematically conducts competence building of the employees anchored in individual adapted growth plans. With concrete plans to address technology development, the company ensures that all consulting deliveries are in line with customers' needs.

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Typical competence deliveries

  • Enterprise: Deliveries of unified and intentional network architecture
  • Software Defined Network (SDN): Deliverables that enable dynamic, programmatic, efficient network configuration that improves network performance and monitoring
  • NetDevOps: Automation of manual and traditional network processes using Network as Code (NaC)
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP): Deliveries of vendor-independent solutions with streamlined open network architecture.
  • Datacenter: Deliveries of automation, cloud, hyperconverged, software-defined technologies and virtualization
  • Security: Architectural deliveries based on Security by Design to handle with vulnerabilities and prevention
  • OT / IoT: Development of feasibility studies for industry 4.0, design and implementation, in addition to micro-segmentation, migration and transformation of IT / OT networks
  • Infrastructure and system development: Python development of cloud platforms and software with CI / CD pipelines

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