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BlueTree offers co-creation for Use Cases in infrastructure. The service is relevant when shelf solutions fall short or you have a vertical-specific unmet need.

The starting point for the service is BlueTree's meritorious operating automation platform, UpStacked. Through UpStacked, BlueTree offers module-based platform development, which closes the gap between your infrastructure and needs.

What is the Co-Creation Lab?

Co-Creation is a concept that aims to generate shared business value through partnerships between a company and its customer. The concept is about coming up with new services or products together, solving problems or optimizing performance.

The Co-Creation initiatives BlueTree offers are module-based platform development that closes the gap between your infrastructure and needs. Co-Creation from BlueTree is the solution when shelf solutions fall short, or you have a vertical-specific unmet need.

Building new solutions without sufficient platform expertise or existing asset resources is very costly and resource-intensive, in addition to being very risky. In a partnership with BlueTree's infrastructure specialists and the customer's IT team, co-creation of infrastructure products and services is offered, based on BlueTree's meritorious operational automation platform, UpStacked.

IT / OT case where Co-Creation has renovated production plants:

An industrial customer with two manufacturing plants, three data centers, and more than 200 locations had an existing network in place, but Engineering continued to add heavy machinery to the manufacturing plants. The IT team did not know how to map, secure or integrate the new equipment.

The customer integrated analysis tools and IoT technology at its production plants. They ran machine learning algorithms and sent data to and from the cloud. BlueTree had to segment their factories and expand these segments to their data centers and the cloud. Furthermore, BlueTree needed to implement a service quality function that prioritized critical traffic and gave the corporate office access to the factories' OT network.

Through modular development in UpStacked, BlueTree was able to offer a network provisioning solution that used Cisco DNA Center, Cisco SD-WAN, Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Meraki devices. BlueTree built the front and back ends and then put together a visual interface that allowed drag-and-drop to place routers and switches. The configuration could be done with a single click.

The end result is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that hides all the complexity for the end user.

Enabling your Use Cases in infrastructure

  • Completely unique platform service for cloud-based and on-prem use Case needs
  • Use cases are realized on BlueTree's meritorious existing platform
  • Infrastructure solutions are adapted to business goals and business processes
  • Complete multi vendor and multidomain service

Service Design for MVP / POC

  • Use of interviews, observations or context mapping to establish data about the solution and the users
  • Focus on the most important problems to be solved and the greatest need
  • Investigation of several different potential solutions to establish perspective
  • The best ideas validate whether they actually solve the problem for the target audience

Cost-saving and risk-reducing

  • Highly favorable service where the parties share risks and costs of development
  • The solution can be delivered operated with SLAs from BlueTree's operations center
  • CAPEX and OPEX investments for platforms have been made by BlueTree

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