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Client as a Service (CLaaS)

Client as a Service (CLaaS) from BlueTree, is a service where BlueTree handles and manages workstations and mobiles, throughout the life cycle.

CLaaS comes with on-site support and on-the-day delivery of new clients. BlueTree offers nationwide delivery locations in the case of accidents, ready for use according to customer's specific configuration.

What is Client as a Service (CLaaS)?

The service is flexible, secure and a resource-saving leasing measure, whether it is PCs, Android or Apple devices, as a cost-effective alternative to purchasing clients. The service covers the entire aspect from procurement and advisory, configuration, updates, administration, support, operation and recycling.

Client as a Service contributes to less administration and time spent on management. At the same time, it provides companies with increased IT security and competence capacity.

The service also provides companies with better liquidity by eliminating acquisition costs. This is done by moving CAPEX costs to OPEX, in addition to eliminating resource needs for operations and support.

This service is delivered according to ISO / IEC 27001:2013 (information security) and ISO 9001:2015 (quality).

Overview of CLaaS benefits

  • Customer-specific clients: fully configured and updated, with necessary support and operation
  • Satisfied employees: with the latest in hardware
  • Client costs become predictable: and eliminates investment in equipment (transfer of CAPEX costs to OPEX)
  • Support: with complete remote operation
  • On-site service: of workstations
  • On the day delivery of new PCs / Mac's: from one of our nationwide delivery locations, ready for use according to customer's specific configuration

Cost-effective for both SMB and Enterprise businesses

A major advantage of CLaaS is cost efficiency. CLaaS uses a leasing-based pricing model, which does not require companies to buy additional hardware. This allows companies that previously did not have the funds to upgrade hardware when the devices have become old, now can upgrade in line with the product life cycle. CLaaS also ensures that companies can standardize their hardware, so that employees can work from any work desk.

CLaaS from BlueTree, eliminates the need for capital-intensive investments in hardware, and reduces total cost of ownership by purchasing equipment. This can have a major impact on the accounts in the form of companies moving capital costs (CAPEX) to operating costs (OPEX).

Client as a Service in practice

Planning and advisory

The customer and BlueTree conduct a needs assessment in connection with what is to be included in the service. Based on the needs assessment, BlueTree advises the customer on the choice of an appropriate service level, as well as other service elements in the agreement.

Configuration and dispatch

Workstations and mobile phones are sent to the customer configured and set up according to agreement. For larger deployments, it may be relevant for BlueTree to assist on-site during the actual deployment.

Life cycle management

Arrangements are being made for environmentally friendly return of obsolete workstations, and planning for a renewal of new clients. This gives the customer increased flexibility, both in terms of technological development and volume management. During the service agreement, BlueTree manages the workstations with updates, administration, support and operation.

Unannounced critical and immediate needs

In the case of unforeseen events, Client as a Service from BlueTree consists of on-site support of workstations. In cases where the end user can not wait and the client can not be repaired on-site, BlueTree offers on-the-day delivery of new PC's or Mac's, from one of our nationwide delivery locations.

All devices are delivered ready for use according to the customer's specific configuration and setup.

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