The root of BlueTree

our DNA: by developing and challenging the established, we create a positive impact on both the individual and society


8 years in operation, a lifetime of commitment

BlueTree is a company welded together by curiosity, commitment and integrity. Together, the company strives for technological innovation; together they cultivate BlueTree, one bit or byte at a time.

Who is BlueTree?

BlueTree is a Norwegian technology company with a life cycle approach that drives customer experiences, quality and end-user adoption. By being at the forefront of the latest technologies, intellectual property development, research and continuous learning, the company aims to make positive changes and innovate society, with new perspectives and initiatives. Since its establishment, the company has invested the majority of its profits in R&D, an effor which is reflected in the solutions BlueTree delivers. BlueTree currently has locations in Oslo and Hamar.

What Does BlueTree do?

BlueTree delivers solutions and services for business-critical infrastructure, whether the customer is an SME or Enterprise company.

Through the development of intellectual property and the use of market-leading technology, companies that use BlueTree will experience stable, scalable, fast and secure service solutions, which increase the business value of IT. BlueTree has a customer-centric approach that simplifies complexity and assists with services actually being adopted to maximize service value (ROI).

BlueTree is a trusted advisor to some of Norway's largest companies and the SME market.

BlueTree uses automation and programmability to change how IT infrastructure is handled, and to influence the role of infrastructure in businesses. Instead of the infrastructure being the end destination for businesses, BlueTree enables infrastructures to be the runway for departure.

As a company, BlueTree consists of highly certified employees in their respective subject areas.

Hear some of the employees describe BlueTree in three words below:

Award-winning company

BlueTree is an award-winning company for its customer approach and deliveries in various infrastructure architectures.
Some of the company's awards include:

Global Innovation Partner Challenge-finalist med UpStacked
(Globalt, 2020)

IoT / Industry Partner of the Year
(EMEAR nord, 2020)

Architecture Advisor of the Year
(Norge, 2020)

Cisco Meraki-
(EMEAR nord, 2020)

Ecosystem Partner of the Year
(EMEAR nord, 2019)

Partner of the Year
(Norge, 2019)

Architecture Advisor of the Year
(Norge, 2018)

Propeller of the Year
(Norge, 2017)

Newcomer of the Year
(Norge, 2016)