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Transform customer experience or get left behind

In a crowded landscape, businesses need to differentiate. The customer lifecycle is Cisco’s new approach to drive customer experience excellence. The customer lifecycle is not a sales motion, it’s the customer’s own business processes from the moment they identify a new business need until they fulfil that need and see their return on investment.

According to Walker Information, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. BlueTree believes that by having a customer experience philosophy we can help customers achieve new outcomes in the way they engage with us. That's why we are extremely excited to announce that we were awarded the Cisco Customer Success Specialization earlier this week.

Why is this important for our customers?

For our customers it means that each stage of the customer lifecycle journey is taken closely care of in process driven and structured way. In this article we'll give you the high-level insights to the various stages.


Once entering a solution partnership with BlueTree, the onboarding phase starts. This phase includes cooperation with a BlueTree Customer Success Manager (CSM). He or she validates the customer's expected outcomes. The customer gets familiar with their purchased solutions, learning about the features and working with Cisco to define success criteria and potential KPIs.


This is when the customer begins to deploy the solution and integrates it with their existing infrastructure. In order to progress successfully through this stage we create implementation project maps, along with recognizing potential risks and creating mitigation plans. The success is also dependent on consistent progress updates and transparency throughout the implementation process.

Use stage

This is where the customer starts using the solution. This means that the implementation of the technology is complete, and the customer starts receiving the value from the product or solution. Also, this is the moment where additional training of the customer’s teams takes place. During this stage, BlueTree captures any initial operational barriers to adoption.

Engage stage

This is when the customer really starts engaging with the solutions. Using product telemetry, BlueTree can provide health scores that will help the customer understand how the technology is having a positive impact on their business.

Adopt stage

in this stage customers are taking advantage of the technology and using the various features and capabilities available in the solution. Some of the key actions during this stage include and identifying the specific barriers preventing technology adoption, providing product telemetry and usage insights, leveraging existing industry use cases as examples to increase adoption, communicating results across the customer, and exceeding leadership KPIs.

Optimize stage

in this stage the solution has been fully adopted and is on the most current software version across the organization. BlueTree is helping the customer understand who is using the new technology and how they are using it. By using these metrics, the customer understands their solution’s potential, which helps lift the barriers to adoption. If escalations occur, the Customer Experience team responds with a rapid and smooth resolution.

Long-term benefits

BlueTree have undergone a transformative journey and implemented customer success as a corporate philosophy, where customer success drives the customer experience. We will elaborate on what BlueTree 2.0 is all about in the coming weeks.

In terms of customer experience, it's safe to say customer obsession is a key word. According to Hubspot, customer obsession describes organizations that continuously add value to the customer experience. These companies collect feedback regularly and prioritize customer needs in every business goal.

Get in touch with one of our Customer Success Manager's to find out what differentiate BlueTree from its competitors and how we become the preferred partner.

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