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Eco-Lighthouse Certified!

BlueTree is now a triple certified company for Quality, Information Security, and as of today Environment - in accordance with the Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn) scheme.

The Eco-Lighthouse certification demonstrates that BlueTree has undergone an audit where its efforts on reducing its environmental footprint, and emphasising health and safety, is recognizedby the Eco-Lighthouse foundation.

Working towards a more sustainable future

BlueTree believes that by securing the Eco-Lighthouse certification the company offer a competitive advantage by committing to satisfy a growing demand from customers, and end-users of BlueTree's services, across a range of various industries.

BlueTree has already practiced for a long time designing and building solutions with goals of maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact, using advanced technologies and strategies. For example, in a datacenter where a "bare metal" setup might have one service running on one server, introducing virtualization boosts efficiencies by reducing the hardware that's required by

dividing up the available resources on a single server to virtual machines. Going forward BlueTree can finally show its customers that the companypractices what it preaches through having the Eco-Lighthouse certification which confirms its environmental efforts and demonstrates its social responsibility.

Being certified means BlueTree fulfil all the requirements within HSE, transportation, procurement and use of materials, waste management and energy.

Did you know that BlueTree also is certified for Quality Management and Information Security?

Earlier this year BlueTree secured certifications in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management and ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security.

Being triple certified is an important milestone for BlueTree that demonstrates the company's commitment to its various Centers of Excellence within networking and data science. Whether it's projects, services or products, being intellectual property or off-the-shelf, BlueTree's

deliveries shall demonstrate best-in-class efforts towards quality management, information security management, and finally, environmental management.


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