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3 BlueTree'ers within the 500 first DevNet-certified World Wide!

BlueTree is the Next Generation Cisco Partner leveraging automation and programmability to change how networking is done and the role networks play in business.

We are excited to announce that we got 3 BlueTree'ers in the DevNet 500! DevNet 500 is a program that recognizes and distinguishes the first 500 individuals who become DevNet Certified in any certification world wide, placing BlueTree in the international DevNet driver's seat!

Cisco DevNet is Cisco's developer program for people who want to write applications and develop integrations with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs. DevNet includes Cisco's products in software-defined-networking (SDN), security, cloud, data center, IoT, collaboration, and open-source software development.

Why DevNet?

BlueTree has never been a “bare metal” company. Its employees consist of, yes, Network Engineers, in addition to Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Front-end developers, Back-end developers and System Engineers. The company vision for technology has for a long time been to utilize programmable networks, configurating and writing API. That’s why we are thrilled that all of Cisco’s products have API’s and have been become programmable, leveraging DevOps workflows and CI/CD pipelines.

Being certified means you know fundamentals of software development, including development methodologies and design patterns, understanding the different types of APIs, version control using local and remote Git repositories, HTTP operations and components, and you are able to use Python to interact with real-life APIs.

Unveiling why BlueTree is the Next Generation Cisco Partner

Later this quarter we are announcing some big news that we have been working hard on the last years, in the DevNet spirit, truly showcasing why BlueTree is the Next Generation Cisco Partner.

Stay tuned!


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