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Cisco Connect 2019

av BlueTree Team, den 11.06.19 09:23



BlueTree received the Architecture advisor of the year award at Cisco Connect 2019. We’re very proud to have been selected and extremely happy to see that our vision for the industry is shared by Cisco.

The award recognises BlueTree’s ability to deeply engage with customers to create a complete architecture that truly enables organizations to achieve their business goals. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions. As we meet with a customer, we wish to understand their business goals and drivers, their operating model, their pain points and their industry-specific challenges. By starting with this analysis, we are able to create a tailor-made architecture that fits our customers amazingly well!

The other aspect of an architecture advisor is to be able to work together with customers on their digitalization journey.  Intent-based networking is fundamental to support digitalised processes and workflows. One must however understand that software defined networks by themselves are only a foundational technology of digitalization. Organizations still need to collect and normalise key data streams, run advanced algorithms on their datasets and adapt their software platforms to integrate with their intent-based infrastructure.  That makes all the difference between having an infrastructure that is centrally managed (via a controller) and a truly digitalised workflow where business applications leverage the infrastructure to realise a business intent.

Our team is composed of network experts mastering the latest software defined networking technologies, data scientists capable of extracting intelligence from the customers data, and full-stack software developers able to build top-down custom-made business solutions that exactly meets the customer’s needs.