Strategic Expert Advisory

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the demand for forward-thinking, strategic guidance has never been greater. BlueTree’s Strategic Advisory Service is tailored for visionaries – CTOs, CIOs, IT Heads, and Program Managers – who are looking to navigate the digital transformation journey with precision, agility, and confidence.

Competence Areas

Digital Strategy

Harness the power of digital technologies with our seasoned strategists. Specializing in AI, big data, machine learning, and IoT, our advisors lead your enterprise towards digital maturity, ensuring you’re leveraging the right tools and technologies for optimum growth and customer satisfaction.

Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure is the backbone of operations. Our advisors specialize in both modern and legacy infrastructures, ensuring optimized systems, from data centers to enterprise networking solutions. Whether you’re looking to migrate, scale, or enhance, our expertise ensures agility, resilience, and future readiness.

Cloud Strategy

Navigate the complexities of cloud ecosystems with confidence. Our strategic advisors, with deep expertise in platforms such as Azure, GCP, and AWS, guide you through cloud adoption, scaling, and security strategies. Ensure your cloud initiatives are forward-thinking, resilient, and seamlessly integrated with your existing systems.

Cybersecurity and Compliance

In a digitally connected world, security is paramount. Our advisors specialize in cybersecurity strategies, compliance frameworks, and threat mitigation. From setting up firewalls, implementing security protocols, to GDPR compliance, they ensure your systems and data remain uncompromised.

Operational Process Excellence

Efficient and streamlined operations can set you apart. Drawing from methodologies like Six Sigma, Lean, and Agile, our experts focus on process optimization, operational bottlenecks, and workflow enhancements, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in efficiency.

Software and Application Strategy

Software solutions are core to business operations. Our strategic advisors guide you in areas of frontend technologies like React, Angular, and Vue, as well as backend systems harnessing Python, C#/.NET, and more. Whether you’re developing new applications or enhancing existing ones, our expertise ensures top-tier performance and user experience.

Engagement Process

In an era of accelerating digital transformation, aligning strategy with execution has never been more critical. BlueTree provides enterprises with a bespoke Strategic Advisory Service, harmonizing their goals with actionable steps to achieve tangible outcomes.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy: Aligning your business goals with the potential of emerging technologies for impactful results.
  • Feasibility Studies: Evaluating the viability of new projects, ensuring alignment with your strategic objectives and risk tolerance.
  • IT Operations Models: Crafting a framework that accelerates IT efficiency, agility, and responsiveness.
  • Center of Excellence Establishment: Pioneering a hub within your organization that fosters innovation, best practices, and continuous learning.
  • Service Delivery Processes: Streamlining your delivery mechanisms to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Service Operations Processes: Refining your operational activities to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Service Design Workshops: Engaging interactive sessions that shape the blueprint of your services, ensuring they resonate with end-user expectations and business objectives.
Service Specifications
  • Targeted Expertise: Access specialized skills to tackle specific challenges.
  • Our advisors delve into your systems, processes, and infrastructure, identifying gaps and potential optimizations. Acting as a strategic partner, they provide invaluable counsel, guiding your organization towards uncharted avenues of efficiency and opportunity. They complement your vision, bridging the gap between current states and desired outcomes.
  • Unparalleled Expertise: Our seasoned advisors come from diverse industry backgrounds, each with an extensive portfolio of successful strategic interventions, ensuring you benefit from a well of experience and proven methodologies.

  • Tailored Engagements: Understanding that each organization’s journey is unique, we customize our approach to resonate with your specific needs, challenges, and aspirations.

  • High Business Impact: Our core objective is to position you for a future of sustainable growth. Whether you’re navigating market shifts or recalibrating your digital roadmap, our strategic insights drive business outcomes that matter.

Our Quality Assurance Standards

Selective Recruitment

We prioritize hiring highly-educated resources from top-tier companies to ensure a pool of expertise. Every potential consultant undergoes rigorous technical evaluations to guarantee they meet our high standards of expertise.

Ambitious Individual Growth Plan

Continuous improvement through business processes, technical training, and quality and framework enhancement.

Continuous Engagement

Our Key Account Management (KAM) ethos fosters strong, constructive relationships and technical excellence among our resources.


Consulting services provide targeted technical expertise to address and resolve specific organizational challenges swiftly. It’s more about immediate problem-solving and implementing new technologies. On the other hand, Strategic Advisory Services delve into a deeper understanding of your organization’s systems, processes, and infrastructures to uncover gaps, and offer long-term, strategic guidance and insights.

If you’re facing immediate technical challenges or need specific expertise for implementing certain technologies, consulting services will be more suitable. If your organization is seeking to transform its operations, optimize its technological infrastructure, or needs assistance in making informed, strategic decisions about the future of your IT landscape, the Strategic Advisory Service would be the more appropriate choice.

Absolutely! The two services can complement each other. For instance, while you are engaging with our strategic advisors for long-term strategies, our consultants can work alongside to solve immediate challenges and implement new technologies.

You can contact us through the contact details or form available on our website. Our team is ready to listen to your needs and help you decide the best route for your organization.

Digital Transformation Workshops entail a comprehensive exploration of your organization’s processes, systems, and goals, establishing a clear path towards a technologically advanced future.

 These workshops facilitate accelerated adoption of digital tools and practices, boosting operational efficiency and enriching the customer experience.

Technology Roadmapping involves planning the evolution of your technology landscape to align with anticipated business needs and emerging trends.

 It positions your organization at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring continuous innovation and sustained market relevance.

It involves identifying and leveraging opportunities within your organization to apply automation tools and technologies.API Strategy and Design involve creating a comprehensive roadmap for API development, deployment, and management.

An effective Automation Strategy enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and drives innovation across various organizational facets. It unlocks new revenue streams, augments system integrations, and fosters broad-spectrum innovation.

It entails crafting strategies to minimize the environmental footprint of your IT operations.

 This planning reduces operational costs, ensures compliance with environmental regulations, and enhances your organization’s corporate responsibility reputation.*

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