About BlueTree

OUR DNA : We Unify, Simplify and Secure

Who is BlueTree

BlueTree is an award-winning technology company, experts in delivering managed services for enterprise companies. We also provide highly skilled consultants to assist your business in addressing both minor and major IT challenges. Our services ensure we stand by our customers from the onset of a digital transformation and into the future.

What sets us apart is our commitment to enabling businesses to retain full control over their infrastructure through a single, unified, and fully automated platform. This unique approach allows the seamless combination of all services in a business’s infrastructure, ensuring streamlined and efficient management.

Our History

Established in 2014, BlueTree was founded with a clear goal: to create an environment where employees could flourish as experts, build professional confidence, and realize their dreams. We transform dreams into goals, ensuring dedication and engagement in our work for the benefit of our clients.

Our consistent growth is a result of a fundamental need to challenge the established, a strategic focus on development, and a commitment to reinvesting in research and an internal laboratory environment.

Our Mission

Catalyzing progress and elevating lives through innovation.

Our Vision

Empower society with innovative IT solutions and a culture of excellence.

Our Values

Our values rest on four fundamental pillars that are intrinsic in our corporate culture, defining our identity and guiding all our actions:

Innovative: At BlueTree, we are unafraid to think differently, thriving on change and continually seeking new and better solutions.

Extraordinary: We consistently go the extra mile to achieve results, challenge the status quo, and always aim to exceed expectations.

Caring: We care about our employees, customers, and the community we operate in, building enduring relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Champions: We excel in our field, fostering a positive working environment where everyone can succeed, celebrating each other’s successes, and helping each other overcome challenges.

Award-winning company


Value Extend Partner of the Year

Norway, 2022


Value Extend Partner of the Year



Global Innovation Partner Challenge-finalist

Global, 2020


IoT / Industry Partner of the Year

EMEAR north, 2020


Architecture Advisor of the Year

Norway, 2020

Cisco Meraki

Software incubator finalist



Ecosystem Partner of the Year

Norway, 2019


Partner of the Year

Norway, 2019


Architecture Advisor of the Year

Norway, 2018


Propeller of the Year



Newcomer of the Year

Global, 2016

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